Young children playing with educational toys

Preparing Your Child for a Bright Future

North Star Family Daycare’s teaching staff and assistants are trained in early childhood development. We offer half-day and full-day child care with a complete pre-school daycare curriculum.

Dramatic Play

Children grow and mature best when they have different play environments available. We provide opportunities for children to accept and assign roles in our dramatic play activities.

Little boy having fun and playing wooden toy drum
Group of children playing with their teacher in kindergarten

Social and Emotional Development

Pre-schools and primary schools play a significant role in children's social and emotional development. We emphasize the importance of activities that enable a child to explore and improve their social and emotional skills.

The Shape Sorter Toy

The Shape Sorter is a classic educational toy that has been around for generations to help children learn new shape-related skills. Children will recognize simple geometric figures in the “Blocks by Shape” activity.

Teachers with children learning at preschool
Kids draw and make crafts

Art and Clay Modeling

Our pre-school syllabus includes art activities to explore colors, lines, and shapes. Hands-on exercises like clay modeling encourage the development of fine motor skills.

Language and Literacy

We have reading exercises and a variety of writing, speaking, and listening activities for children. Students will learn the letters of the English alphabet, from A to Z.

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