Dalia Daycare PIC

Specialists in Early Childhood Development

Dalia Valdes at North Star Family Daycare has over 20 years of experience in childhood development. A certified CRP and first-aid provider, Dalia also has five years of service experience in Murrieta under her belt.

Our daycare facility offers an innovative pre-schooling curriculum that focuses on early childhood development. Get in touch to learn more about Murrieta daycare.

North Star Family Day Care 2022 Pricing
Registration Fee: $60.00 per Child

Half Day PricingHours
Two days$904
Three Days$1354
Four days$1804
Five days$2004
Full Day PricingHoursPlease Note: Full Day 10 hours Max.Full Day Drop In
Two days$140106:00am - 5:30pm$75
Three Days$180106:00am - 5:30pm
Four days$220106:00am - 5:30pmHalf Day Drop In
Five days$250106:00am - 5:30pm$50

Please let me know if additional hours are needed; it's based on availability.

Safe & Nurturing Environment

We provide a wonderful outdoor space for children to run, play, explore, and grow in a nurturing and safe environment. Our California pre-school is stocked with various toys that foster purposeful play, which is also the foundation of our educational philosophy.

Children with teacher in art class
Teacher with preschoolers finger painting at class

Individualized Attention

We have a full-day and half-day (morning or afternoon) pre-school for children aged 2 to 5 (we don’t take infants). We have dedicated teachers in small class sizes to facilitate individualized attention and organize several planned activities. The class prepares children to enter kindergarten by focusing on their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Purposeful Play Programs

Children at our daycare facility are encouraged to make choices and practice individual decision-making to better understand how the world works. Our learning environment supports purposeful play for children through a variety of tools, activities, and lessons, including but not limited to:

  • Blocks of various sizes and materials

  • Dramatic and imaginative play

  • Manipulative and table toys

  • Art materials and tools to explore

  • Sensory play materials, including sand and water

  • A library area

  • Music and movement activities

  • Computer exploration

  • Outdoor and gross motor play

  • A quiet area for the child who needs to be alone

  • Ample and rich language and print

  • Writing tools and materials

Preschool children learning toy blocks from teacher