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As children enter the school-age years, they begin to show signs of a budding independence. This period of growth is also marked by the active pursuit of, and genuine appreciation for, new relationships. Parents, or primary caregivers, continue to be the most important people in their child’s life, but relationships with peers become increasingly important. In fact, the appearance of a “best friend” is considered a universal feature of the school-age years. Other significant, and often defining, characteristics of this phase of development are a child’s capacity to control their urges and conform to an appropriate standard of behaviour without direct supervision. Collectively, this is known as Self-regulation.



  • Are willing to play cooperatively, take turns, and share

  • Show jealousy toward siblings

  • Understand their own feelings

  • Understand the consequences of their actions

  • Enjoy playing alone, but prefer to play with friends

  • Can dress themselves

  • Are able to use words to describe their own feelings

  • Show empathy and offer to help when they see another in distress